Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exports in 2017

2017 yılında yaş meyve sebze ihracatı blog görsel 1

Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association Chairman Ali Kavak stated that, "Turkey has performed 3.9 million tons of fresh fruit and vegetables export in 2017". He added that, "2.23 billion dollars of revenue was obtained through this export".

Mr. Kavak noted that, In 2017, Turkey has performed 3.9 million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables export and 2,23 billion dollars of revenue derived from this export. He said "citrus exports within the sector 1.67 million tons, fresh fruit export 1 million ton of fresh vegetable exports 1.26 million tons, respectively". The income obtained from these product groups are 850 million dollars in citrus fruits, 793 million dollars in fresh fruit, and 563 million dollars in fresh vegetables, respectively.

Mr. Kavak emphasized that Germany is the third most important export market for fresh fruits and vegetables. He said that, "Turkey's most popular fresh fruit exports of vegetable products is the Russian Federation. This market accounts for 29 percent of Turkey's fresh fruit and vegetable exports by 638 million dollars. Iraq has 11 percent market share with 254 million dollars, the third most important export market is Germany with 207 million dollars and 9 percent market share. Romania, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Belarus are the other important export markets".



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