Who is depack?

Depack Packaging is established to operate in the extrusion of thermoplastic polymers and produces value added plastic net and net products.
Why Depack?

Depack Packaging develops innovative products by targeting market needs.

Experienced Staff

With its experienced staff and ARGE team, Depack Packaging has standardised quality and innovative production.

Customer Satisfaction

Along with on time delivery and payment convenience, Depack Packaging does not leave its customers on the half way.

Value-added Products

With our Taped Net and H Net products, expect more than a plastic net.

Taped Net

Taped Net is an innovative product, whose production rights are protected under utulity model patent. The combination of 3 yarn netting and special double sided tape with a finger lift ensures perfect protection for your cardboard crates.

Discover Taped Net!

> 22.000.000

Taped Net Producton

> 34.000.000

Meter Net Produced

H Net

H Net is a nonesuch product of Depack Packaging, whose production rights are protected under utility model patent. Thanks to our advanced production lines, Depack Packaging offers fast solutions to your requests and does not use scrap plastic in food packaging.

  • Patented domestic product
  • Strengthening ability for weak plastic crates
  • Suitable for all types of plastic crates
  • Producing in any desired color and quantity
  • Either general or private nylon brand printing
  • Easy assembling

Do not underestimate a plastic net!

At Depack Packaging, we deliver solutions to protect your products and enable them look more elegant. In doing so, we keep the fast, easy and perfect assembly.

Product and Packaging Dimensions

Tens of our customers pack their citrus products with Depack net solutions.

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Take a look at our blog page where you can find information about sectoral developments and our company.
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